Payment FAQ

Payment Questions

Where do I send my first payment?

525 Tribble Gap Road #1339 Cumming, GA 30028

Who can I contact for payment questions?

You can contact Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation’s loan servicing department at 855-335-4977 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday or via email at PaymentQuestions@ghmloans.comhere.

Who do I make my check payable to?

Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation

Where do I locate my first payment coupon?

You will find your first payment coupon in the loan package that you signed at your loan closing. The form is called "First Payment Notice."

Where can I find my account number?

 Your account/loan number is a 6-digit number and can be located on your closing documents.

The number can also be located on the top right side of the First Payment Notification and Temporary Payment Coupons provided at closing.

Please reference this number on all correspondence until you receive notification of a new 10-digit servicing loan number.




Can I make a payment online or over the phone?

If you’ve received a notice providing you with a new Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation 10-digit servicing loan number, you can register your account and make payments on line here or using the automated phone line 866-430-9683.

Until notice is provided please make payment via check or money order mailed to Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation at 525 Tribble Gap Road #1339 Cumming, GA 30028.


I received a letter in the mail called

Notice of Transfer of Servicing Rights: This letter is informing you that your loan has been purchased by another investor.  If payment(s) is due to Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation it will be indicated on the top right side of the notice.  Information pertaining to where to send all other payments can be found in the body of the letter along with your new servicer’s customer service phone number.


Hello-Goodbye Letter: This letter is informing you that your mortgage loan servicing will be processed at Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation’s servicing center.  The notice will provide you with a new 10 digit servicing loan number, new payment mailing address, and new customer service phone number.   


Please contact us at 855-335-4977 with any questions regarding the letter you received.


Will I receive a payment coupon book or monthly statement from Guaranty Trust Company?

At closing you are provided with temporary payment coupons that can be used for making your first payments.

After closing, statements are mailed approximately 15 days prior to your due date.

Automated statements will begin when your account is assigned a new 10-digit loan number.

If you are unable to locate your coupons or statement simply include your loan number in the memo section of your payment.

Until you receive notice of a new 10-digit servicing loan number, please continue to make your payments to Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation at 525 Tribble Gap Road #1339 Cumming, GA 30028 using the loan number assigned at closing.